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Love The City is a movement committed to bringing the message that every person is LOVED, BELONGS, and has PURPOSE to Lansing, the 517, and the World.


We believe that ONE is the biggest number, and see each person as capable of being a contributor and creator. We love Lansing because we live here and want to see the city reflect the talented and gifted people that call Lansing home. We believe the city will thrive as individuals of every age, ethnic group, and socioeconomic status work together to see the city flourish.


We started the Love The City 501(c)3 Community Development Non-Profit because we saw a deep need for holistic change, specifically in the following areas:

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These function as key components of a healthy society and focus areas for our team. Each focus area is necessary for the change we long to see. We utilize 1-to-1 mentoring for students, city wide events, crisis response care, and many other methods to serve and love our city.


Our hope is not just that Love The City the organization grows but that individuals, connected formally or not, would begin to see the city as good and be inspired to love their neighborhoods, parks, and schools - right where they live. We hope you’ll join us.


We Are One.

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